Friday, December 23, 2011

A Change in Weather

I thought since I posted photos of my kids running around barefoot and half dressed through sprinklers yesterday, I should post a few photos of what we did after a 7 hour drive North today. We went from waking up to balmy 66 degrees in VA to arriving at my in-laws to a frosty 26 degrees in NY.

The boys jumped out of the car and into their snow gear. It felt almost storybook. Sledding races down the hill, snowflakes on your eyelashes, cookies and hot cocoa. Cole and I raced each other on plastic, round sleds so many times that after our last run we both lay motionless at the bottom of the hill. "Every Christmas should  have snow," he says.  "Yes, babe," I say as I see the warmth of our breath interweave into the chilly night sky. "Now it feels like Christmas..."

Love & Light,


The boys and their cousin Payton.

The view.

Love this of Brian.

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  1. Love this!...........
    So sweet you can smell the fresh cold air, & (run in your heart)home for hot chocolate, Christmas cookies & special times with those we love.
    Stacy, you... once again,
    take us with you to sweet & wonderful places.
    It makes me smile... love you Mom