Sunday, November 13, 2011

Say Cheese Underwear

I have been busy lately taking photographs of families for the upcoming holiday season. I joked with one of the parents yesterday that I needed to write about the "behind the scenes" of a good photo. The perfect photo that is sent in all the Christmas cards typically comes with a great story behind it that only the family and photographer are privy too. Parents that had to hold their cute kiddos down to get them dressed to come, bribes of candy and ice cream if they smile and sit still, threats just seconds before the shoot about behaving. I have even dangled spiderman over my head, worn flamingo sunglasses and always carry candy or special treats in my bag as backup reinforcements. A little secret... the best shots of my own kids are often ones that I have bribed them with something (having to be all time pitcher for the next 3 hours) or said something inappropriate (usually meaning poop talk) that makes them break out in laughter.

So this year when you get these cute photos of families in your Christmas cards, please know we work hard for those perfect shots. We have broken most of the good parenting rules and offered bribes, said many silly words that we hope the kids will not repeat in school, and would have promised just about anything to get cute smiles and great eye contact.  And when I sit down and look through the pictures I feel so thrilled to have captured the unique bond that each family holds. I feel honored they opened themselves up to me and my lens.

Love & Light,


Here are some more photos of Nolan in the leaves. I am camera crazy with these amazing colors!

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