Sunday, November 6, 2011

Peak Season

There are days that are so perfect that you almost feel guilty being indoors because you know the next day the leaves will not be so vibrant, the sun will not be so warm and the trees will soon be bare.  Autumn is my favorite season and the shortest. Maybe it is a sign from the universe that we need to appreciate and enjoy it before the starkness of winter arrives. To leave the house cleaning, televisions and computers to the shelter of the indoors and to step out into the rainbow of the season. I am not used to the leaves peaking so late and it feels as though it happens overnight, which holds true for so many things. One day the leaves are green, then you wake up and walk by your front door and see this.

So of course you have to grab the kids and get outside and do this...

Photograph the last of the rotting pumpkins...

Enjoy all your favorite smells...

And enjoy time with our friends.

Now that we have gained an extra hour this time of year, I hope you find a small way to spend a little of that time enjoying the few last days of Fall.

Love & Light,


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