Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finding Thanksgiving Through My Lens...

Sometimes pictures speak for themselves and there is no need for words to interpret. I have plenty of photographs from Thanksgiving that capture fun and sweet moments. This is one thing I love about taking photographs. It forces you to be present and focused on that instant. I am not thinking about the next shot or what I missed. I look through my lens and grab that moment of time. The illusion of my photography however is that there is a tendency to photograph moments that make us happy or inspire us. I am unlikely to photograph a moment that is sad or too personal at a family function. And all these photos below do speak truth to my Thanksgiving. I was surrounded by family that I love and a new puppy to hug. The Thanksgiving meal was brilliantly prepared by my brother in law. Cole and Nolan disappeared for 3 days straight completely lost in bliss of being with their cousins.  I hope my photos captured those moments.

What my photos did not capture is that my dog Creed became very ill on this trip and we had to carry him in and outside to use the bathroom. He is disoriented and no longer eating. I cannot recall crying so many tears in such a short period of time. And of course my sister, she just had to put her dog down a few months ago, so she knew that pain. My photos also did not capture the incomplete feeling of not having my dad celebrate with us for the second year. I used to wonder if family life will ever feel completely normal again. But I have decided that "a normal family" is an oxymoron. They cannot exist simultaneously. Every family has disfunction. This is normal, perfectly normal. As long as I can continue to look through my lens and see those moments that make us smile and laugh then those are the photos I will continue to take with my camera and carry with me in my heart.

I feel very blessed this Thanksgiving. Especially for some of the moments you see below.

Love & Light,


Nana frosting cupcakes with her 5 grandsons.

Nolan loves Nana's new puppy, Luke.

Drew and Nolan gaze up into Nana's Christmas tree.

Love this of my sis and Cheyner

This just makes me smile.

The boys love Uncle Norm.

The boys being funny.

Tye teaching Cole how to throw a curve ball.

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  1. Love your pictures! Great photo of Norman -- so rarely caught by the camera. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.