Friday, November 18, 2011

Changing It Up A Bit

Nolan and I rearranged his room today. We moved his bed to another wall, his dresser, table and toy box are all switched around. I was more excited than he was. I remember growing up my mom would help rearrange my room every now and then. My pink canopy bed, dresser and white vanity had been angled in every possible way in my old room. Mom always allowed me the creative freedom to organize my room and I don't remember her complaining much if I wanted to move everything back a few weeks later.

There is a new energy that rearranging a room brings. Kind of like switching lenses from a macro to a wide angle. It is the same scene but you see it so differently. I recommend switching your lenses or rearranging your furniture every now and then. You may be surprised how good you feel afterward.

Love & Light,


Here are just a few shots of the very cute kiddos I have taken photos of over the past few weekends.


Hayden & Mina


Olivia & Harper


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