Saturday, November 19, 2011

Car Talk

Here is a conversation between Cole and I in the car today.

Cole:  Are we taking Creed dog to Jaxon & Tye's house for Thanksgiving?

Me: Yes.

Cole: C.C. (my sister's dog) won't be there. She died, right?

Me: Yes.

Cole: Is she an angel now?

Me: Yes, she is in heaven. She can run through clouds and be with a lot of other angels that love her.

Cole: Can she kill people?

Me: (What???) No. Heaven is a place filled with love and God.

Cole: Is God an Angel? (I am starting to sweat...)

Me: Well yes, but God is everywhere. In people, in animals, in nature.

Cole: Is God an umpire at a Yankees game?

Me: (Wow) Uh... Well I suppose, yes, the umpire has God in him. God or the Divine Spirit is a feeling of love that we hold in our hearts (REALLY sweating, not sure I am making this easy to grasp), and...

Cole: Dude, are we almost at Target?

Me: (Banging my head on steering wheel).

So my question is this.... Is this a typical 6 year old thought processing or is this indicative of ALL men? How intense conversations can include some sort of sports analogy and when the discussion becomes too serious, they just completely change it. Either way, I am not sure if I will be banging my head on the wall for the next 18 years trying to follow the thought process of my sons or am I secretly happy because I don't have to rack my brain for in-depth ways to explain things. I just throw in a baseball analogy and pray for a quick subject change.

Love & Light,


Here are some of my favorite family shots I have done recently.

I love this shot because it is mother and daughter in their cute black boots.

I love this shot. Just the composition and seeing the resemblence in mom and son. This little boy smiled from the minute he got out of the car until he left a few hours later. A photographer's dream!

Mommy kisses.

Just a different shot. I love it.

One of my favorites. Just different, sweet...

I like this photo because these are things we do with our kids (walking to a playground as a family), but is is often not captured in a photo. I just love it.

I try and get just the parents as a couple if I can. And although I took a TON of great posed shots of the two of them, my favorite is the one above. I feel like the photo speaks more clearly about their love than a posed shot (and her hair was blowing like in a modeling shoot).

I feel like this is a "Dad's photo". It has a sense of subtle happiness that I felt through my lens with the father holding his son, and his wife and daughter in the background. I feel this photo just speaks by itself.

My parents used to have photos of mine and my sister's toddler hands held inside of their much larger hands. I always loved these photos. Again, another photo that really does not need a caption. Timeless.

Another family photo I love. It speaks to the reality of parenthood. Walking forward, holding one child, swinging another while maintaining your balance. I love this family.

This day was their wedding anniversary. I love this photo of them. There is a sweetness I think this photo catches.

One of my favorites. Their faces say it all.

I love this photo so much because I think his face says what most dads feel when they get a hug from their child. There is a feeling of joy that cannot really be explained, but I think the photo captures it in a real sort of way.

Dad and Daughter.

Treasured moments.

Just being kids.

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  1. It is early Sunday am and I can't wait for Scott to get up to read that exchange between you and Cole. So priceless! btw - did you do something different with your blog? This is the first time that I have been able to see all your photos with no problem. They usually don't load. SO happy that I can see all your amazing work now! xoxo