Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And then he was 6...

Some days it feels like all good things come at once, like Halloween and Cole's birthday. A whole week of birthday parties, trick or treating and then celebrating on the actual day itself. I remember six years ago, going into the hospital on Halloween at 4 pm. I was so hoping for a Halloween baby, not only because my mom was born on Halloween, but I envisioned grande parties with hot apple cider, candy corn garland, dunking for apples, eyeball appetizers and spooky music. However, in retrospect, the day after Halloween is even better. It means the party gets to continue for another day. It means we can have our cake and Halloween candy and eat it too.

We are done with the party at the indoor baseball field with 15 boys, we are done trick or treating with our good buddies, we are done opening gifts and celebrating in school. Now I have a second to reflect on the fact that Cole is actually 6! The saying "the days are long, but the years are short," holds true.

Happy 6th Birthday Cole Daniel.

Love & Light,



The Crew

Made with love by Cathy.

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