Monday, November 21, 2011

An Ode to the Cranberry Salad

I wonder if at every Thanksgiving table there is a side dish that makes its appearance out of tradition regardless if anyone really likes it or not. Or maybe only one person likes the side dish but if it does not sit uneaten in its shiny glass bowl with a large silver serving spoon, the holidays would not be the same. At our Thanksgiving table, it is cranberry salad (sorry Mom, but you know it is true). Only my Mom likes cranberry salad and she has known this for years (it has become a bit of an ongoing joke). Yet every Thanksgiving Mom presents a beautiful, LARGE cranberry salad in a sparkly glass bowl that only she will have a tiny scoop of. However, she says it would not be Thanksgiving without it. And who am I to judge? I don't cook. I show up for the meal and wine and help with clean up.

So when I was asked to bring a dish to Cole's Thanksgiving Feast at his school, I signed up for my favorite Thanksgiving cherry salad. Brian rolled his eyes and said, "You know, nobody eats that but you at Thanksgiving."

"No way, everybody loves it," I reply.

"No they don't," he says.

So a follow up phone call is made to my sister where it is confirmed that...NO, she does not really like the cherry dish and she says, "We had this conversation last year and the year before."

"Well my mom likes it." I tell Brian.

"Of course she does. She is your mom, she is being nice."

Gasp... What if he is right? This year I will be first in line to scoop a large helping of Mom's cranberry salad. And I will have no regrets as I continue to present my cherry salad dish to the Thanksgiving table. Years from now, Cole and Nolan will be telling their girlfriends about their crazy mother and her cherry salad dish that only she eats. And those girlfriends will try it and LIKE IT because they will want me to like them. :)

Love & Light,


Here is my SECRET recipe for my cherry salad...

Yum! It also makes a great fruit dip!

Here are my slice and bake, made from scratch cinnamon rolls! :)

And of course Brian had to show me up in the kitchen with his homemade ravioli...

Got to LOVE a man that cooks!

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  1. I agree with you on a man that cooks!!!! I tell Chuck all the time that is why I married him!!! LOL