Wednesday, November 9, 2011

45 Days and Counting

Cole says every night, "Mom, guess how many days I have been in Kindergarten?"

I say,"Hmmm... yesterday you said it was 44 days, so if I add another day, I would guess 45 days."

"Yes, 45 days. That is like, forever. How many more days do I go for?"

"A lot babe," I say, "a lot."

Since Kindergarten has started each day I am surprised by something Cole says. Today he correctly used the term "subsequently" ( I almost drove off the road when he said it). Yesterday he was asking me if there are poor people in Rome and what country do they speak Spanish? I would love to step inside that head of his for a visit. Although I am afraid I would not want to leave.

Love & Light,


Enjoy the photos of Nolan and I outside today...

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