Sunday, October 16, 2011

The King of Burgers

My husband cooks. For this I am extremely grateful because otherwise the boys and I would be living off of cereal and frozen waffles. We like to watch the food network, especially Man versus Food, in which this guy takes on these crazy food challenges at these amazing little food joints throughout the Unites States. So when we saw this burger on the food network, Brian took the challenge on to make it. My job was to take pictures, that I can do.

Step 1: Buy Krispy Kreme donuts. Do not eat them prior to use (this was the hardest part).

Step 2: Slice the donuts and grill them on a pan until golden brown.

Step 3: Grill the burgers, add bacon & cheese.

Step 4: Place the burger between the grilled donut halves.

Step 5: DEVOUR the burger.

Let's just say, despite the total lack of nutritional value, it was DELICIOUS!

Step 6: Finish the dinner off with...


Happy Sunday!

Love & Light,


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