Thursday, October 13, 2011


Somedays, trying to follow the thought process of a kindergartener is like being a tourist in a foreign speaking country.  I ask Cole how his day was at school and I get half stories that seem randomly strung together. I understand that summing up the past six hours in a few sentences takes forethought, but I find that I am having a hard time following. Brian says Cole gets this from me, the inability to get to a point. I said that was not nice to say. I have a point to my stories, it is just that blurting it out takes the fun out of the anticipation of that point. Maybe that is what Cole is thinking or maybe he isn't thinking much about it at all, which would be my guess.

Without much of a point, here are some fun fall photos. I took some shots of Elsie at this little pumpkin patch up the street. She slept through the majority of the photos, completely exhausted waiting for the Great Pumpkin! So sweet.

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