Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Blind Confidence

I was at gymnastics on Tuesday, attempting a cartwheel on the balance beam. I told the coach, landing that cartwheel without falling off the beam was my goal for the class.  She was watching me from a distance as she assisted the other women on various apparatus. "Stacy," she shouts from across the gym, "you have to give 100% when you are doing a skill on the beam. Either you set your mind to the goal that you will land the cartwheel or you get off the beam. There is no fifty percent effort in gymnastics."

I was a bit stunned, because I thought about how often I half ass things. There have been countless times that I am not entirely focused on the task at hand thus resulting in less than par results or something that should not take so long to do, well, takes three times as long. Yes, I realize having two young children can occasionally derail a mother from any sense of balance or focus, but when I am alone on that balance beam, the only person to distract me is myself. So I give the coach a nod,  throw my hands back, point my toes and tell myself I am landing this.  I don't take enough time to talk myself out of it and I cartwheel fast and land with both feet on the beam. My initial thought is that I just did the opposite of what I usually do. I am typically slow and methodical about things, trying to plan things out as I go. However on the beam, you just have to do it and know you will stick the landing. It is a blind confidence. I felt like I walked out of a therapy session leaving gymnastics class. What else can I accomplish if I give 100% effort?

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Here are some photos from a shoot with a good friend on Sunday.


Ella & Megan

Ella happy to see her Aunt Allie and Uncle Alan!

Love this one.


I like this shot (above), it is just different.


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