Thursday, September 29, 2011

Urine Trouble

Warning: Do not read this post if toilet talk makes you gag, but it seems to be my first language these days. ( awesome would that be on a resume? Speaks fluent toilet talk.) I feel as though I am trying to stay afloat (unsuccessfully) in an ocean of urine. Creed dog, in his limited ability to hold his bladder in his old age coupled with his growing fear of storms, has peed all over the house. I had to throw out Cole's carpet in his room because I did not find it until 3 days later when a pungent urine smell permeated the entire downstairs. Then Creed continues his "peed off" streak and urinated in Cole's bed (and yes I know it was dog pee versus child pee, it is a very distinct smell).

And then... potty training. I want to bang my head on the wall. Nolan peed his pants five times today. Once in school, then in his car seat on the way home from school, twice on the living room floor and once in Cole's room. I just pulled the rug up in the living room, it went through the pad below it and the wood floors. I had just finished hand washing the padding from his car seat. I wreak of piss and carpet cleaner. I am doing my fifth load of laundry today. I am drowning a slow death in....urine.

Someone throw me a lifesaver. The good news, I got a few cute shots today.

Love & Light,


This shot, a little blurry, but just screams boy.

Rain boots and undies, awesome.

The two reasons (above) why my house smells like pee.

This photo makes me tear up. I love it.

I love these series of shots. I bribed them that if they stood still for a photo I would play baseball with them.


I guess having a little pee in your house is worth having these two faces to love everyday...


  1. So....where are you and your peepee family spending thanksgiving?...cause it sure as heck isn't here until that issue is resolved!

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!! Your boys are absolutely stunning!