Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rock My World

I collect rocks. I have hundreds of them I have accumulated throughout the years from friends and family or gemstones that I compulsively buy from hippie, incense smelling shops. I drive with Tiger Eye in my ashtray for safe travel and I keep Obsidian next to my bedside table for good dreams. Rose quartz for love and gifts of Amethyst, Moon and Water stones lay scattered throughout my house. What made me think about my rocks today is the irony that they always show up when I need them. For example I bought this one stone called Infinite, the healer's stone. It has soothing angelic energy and draws negative vibrations out of the body. I carried it in my pocket and then it disappears only to resurface at the bottom of the washer or in my bed or on the boy's playroom floor, whenever I need it. It makes me smile when I find it, almost that it is a sign from beyond.

The point to my story is that I bought Cole a rock to carry in his backpack for his first day of school. Brian initially thought it was a ridiculous idea and rolled his eyes and as I told Cole about it, he just said, "Great Mom," and then ran back to watch the Yankees game. Then... Cole came home from his third day of Kindergarten and he quietly told me later that day he cried a little because he missed me. He said he searched his backpack for his rock and his teacher let him hold it for a few minutes and he felt better. He was supposed to put it back in his bag but kept it in his pocket instead. That night Cole told me how much he loved that rock. I made sure I gave a big "I told you so" to Brian. Cole may act like a tough, sports loving kid but he is still a little boy who misses his Mama. Sigh....

I may have not passed on an ounce of looks to the boys but they can spot a cool rock a mile away. They already have their own collection going. They see a rock for it's unique shape or how it glitters when you hold it in the sun. I think it is a unique talent kids have. They are able to see things in their raw, beautiful form. I hope they never lose sight of that gift.

Love & Light,


My Infinite Stone.

Nolan made me breakfast in bed this morning. I love these series of shots.

Coffee in bed. Photos taken proudly by Cole.

Cole's rock.

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  1. all of you. love you! you've passed so much good stuff onto the boys. i see you in cole's face more and more. what lucky boys they are. lucky indeed. xoxo