Tuesday, September 6, 2011

K is for Kindergarten

Today was Cole's first day of Kindergarten. This day has been held in the pockets of my mind for months. I knew it was coming. I bought all the supplies, I packaged all the snacks in baggies. We went over his bus number, his lunch number and his phone number. His outfit laid out with his new shoes and backpack. Then it was time to wake him up. I was telling a friend of mine that I am embarrassed to say I could count MAYBE 3 times I have waken him up his entire life. I was a firm believer of, "don't wake a sleeping baby". I have always let him wake up when he was ready. So this morning having to wake him up was strange. It has been the two of us for almost 6 years. I chose to stay at home with him and without family in the area, everyday it was him and I (and eventually baby bro). He is my sidekick, my shadow. When he is not around I feel like something is off, not quite right. But I try and remember the quote  "A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary." [Dorothy Fisher]

So today, I am letting him go. Releasing him to a world where I am not there to watch or to be privy to what he is hearing or learning or saying. I am trusting strangers to take good care of him, that he will eat his sandwich before his cookies, that he will use his pleases and thank yous, that he will walk away from mean kids and not be mean to others and will just be his normal happy self.

Sending love to all my girlfriends and mothers who waved goodbye to their babies today.

Love & Light,


His favorite breakfast.

Photos with Dad and Mom

Everything laid out and ready,

The embrace. They missed each other. Melted my heart.

Here comes the bus...

This was my first day of Kindergarten. My mom said I told her on the way out to not let my sister play with any of my stuff. And of course, my sister ran right to my room...

Do you see any of Cole in my face? I do a little...

Cole and Elena, they were friends before they were born. They have grown up together. I LOVE this photo... It makes me cry.


  1. LOVE is not even the word to describe this blog!!! I was in tears reading this - not sad, but happy tears. Your words about Cole & this rite of passage for him & you are immeasurable. I feel like a broken record when I say you are a fabulous mom, but I will say it again. Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

  2. you did it girl!! you have done such an amazing job with him and we love ya'll so much. here's to a just as good day 2!

  3. I am right there with you..a different perspective..I am the one leaving my baby girl and going back to work (school). Cole is an amazing little boy and he will do great out there..because of you!

  4. So Sweet Stacy... You have given him wings, now watch him fly... love you. Mom

  5. Stacy, your thoughts today brought me back 24 years ago. You have done such an amazing job with Cole (and Nolan)that he will be just fine on his own. It is hard to let go for sure, but he will grow in so many ways. What a great entry today! Love you!

  6. Beautiful!!! All of it... your words, the photos, the sentiment. Just beautiful!

  7. Stacy - this just brought tears to my eyes.. good tears!! What sweet boys you have.. hope Cole's first day was great!!

    Funny thing is I know my mom has pictures of all of us girls from Kindergarten and you in that same outfit...just like it was yesterday..