Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game Day

The boys had their first games today. Nolan's soccer team is called the Ducks and he proudly quacked on the car ride to the game. He looks so little out there on a big field. I was alternating between obnoxiously taking photos and video taping the game since Brian took Cole to his baseball game across town at the same time. Cole was suited up in his bold purple Rockies uniform and so excited about the game he was up early to practice outside before they left.

I saw mothers of multiple children darting from one child's game to another and I grew a little anxious knowing this will be what my Saturdays will be like for the next 18 years, finishing one game and running to the next. But seeing Nolan score the first goal of the game and watching Cole field an amazing play at first base was worth the insanity of the morning.

Here are some photos from Saturday.

Love & Light,


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