Sunday, September 4, 2011

Childlike Daze

Brian is sitting in Cole's room as they write letters to Troy Polamalu, Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward and Derek Jeter to ask for autographs. I can't help but to smile as I think that Brian would be more excited to get the autographed card than Cole. There is NO doubt that our boys bring out the boy in Brian. He spray painted a Yankee's baseball field on our side yard today. I find the more I am with my kids, if I can let go of my "adult to do list" or my "what other things I should be doing right now thoughts" and allow myself to enter their worlds, I can almost feel what it is like to be a kid again. This is better than the best glass of wine or any mood altering substance. (Then it is bed time and they are both screaming and I am pouring that large glass of Shiraz!)

I hope your weekend had childlike moments. Here are some photos from the past few days.

Love & Light,


We went to the zoo on Saturday. I think the giraffes were our favorite! 


WELCOME TO YANKEE STADIUM. (I am sure the neighbors think we have lost our minds!)

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