Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cecelia, You're Breaking My Heart

We lost a beloved family companion today. My sister's dog C.C. Cecelia Rodriguez (not sure where the middle name came from). I think Crazy Canine was what C.C. stood for. Have you ever read the book or seen the movie, Marley and Me? If so you are familiar with the type of dog Marley was. He paled in comparison to Cecelia.

Believed to be part cheetah she could outrun any human or animal species. Even in her later years she could pull you down the street so fast your legs would be spinning on their own like on the Flintstones cartoon. You could never leave ANY type of edible item on the counter or even pushed back where you think she could not reach it, because C.C. was also part kangaroo. She could leap in the air and get anything off the counter. She had a tongue like a giraffe and could snatch any leftovers from the most difficult to reach places. She once ate a stir fry dinner I made. It was literally two seconds I stepped out of the room and it was gone, right off the stove! She ate an entire pie at Thanksgiving, multiple whole pizzas and my sister can probably list the number of times they had to have cereal for dinner because C.C. ate their meal. The garbage was always taped shut as C.C. was also notorious for eating a diaper or two and don't put your purse on the floor, she would sniff through it and eat every last stick of gum. She barked non-stop, flipped her water bowl multiple times a day and was very good at finding something disgusting to roll in outside so my sister had to hose her down.

C.C.'s intention was never to be mean or vindictive,  she honestly just inherited a bit of a crazy gene. However, she was as faithful as they come, especially to my sister. For 13 years she was her running partner, her guard dog, her shadow, her friend who was always there with her through good times and bad. She was there through college, marriage and the birth of her three sons. She was good to Annie's boys and was always a part of the neighborhood gang. She was family and we loved her. Thanksgiving will not be the same without her.

So Cecelia Rodriguez, I thank you for all the love you gave my sister and our family. I am sure wherever you are, you are allowed to counter surf and run wildly in open fields. You can have pizza for breakfast, eat steak dinners and pumpkin pie every night and take naps in big fluffy clouds. You can play without being in pain and you know that you are loved. You were a good girl.

Love & Light,


Here are some old photos. I must have a thousand pictures of Cecelia, she has been with us for so long. These are just a few.

CC as a puppy.

How she used to get carried to bed BEFORE we had kids. :)

She always had to sit on Annie's lap.

Creed dog and CC before the kids were born. THEY were the babies then!

She was nuts. But you had to love her.

CC meets Jaxon.

Annie pregnant with Tye here.

The trio. Creed, CC & Lucy.


  1. I cried my eyes out when I read this. Please give your sister my best. My heart is with your whole family.

  2. So sweet Stacy,
    Thank you for say what is on all our hearts...She was crazy, crazy! And we loved her so........... what a heart warming & breaking gift we are blessed to have, these wonderful creatures who give us unconditional love for a lifetime.
    I would not trade it for anything. God spend our "Boo Boo" to puppy heaven.
    Love Mom