Friday, September 16, 2011

Carry Me

Nolan and I went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens today. It is nice when Cole is in school that Nolan and I get some one on one time. There was a large plant sale at the gardens today and as I was walking to my car I was stopped by many elderly couples to say hello to Nolan. After a fun jaunt in the park, I carried this tired toddler to the car and a woman stopped me and said, "Carry him as long as you are able, these days will be gone too soon." I smiled and told her that often people will comment that he is too big to carry and I should make him walk. I always disagree when people say this. I want to carry him for as long as he will allow. Then my baby becomes a boy who wants to run ahead. She smiled and winked, "Hold on to these day sweetheart, they really are gone so quickly." I nodded, smiled and walked away squeezing my son.

"I will. I promise," I whispered into his wispy blonde hair.

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from today.

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