Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Wise Owl

The owls are gone. I have not seen them in almost a month. I saw the mother and her two babies everyday throughout the summer when I would walk Creed. They lived in a dead, hollowed out tree in a small forest between two roads. I always found it odd that they were out whenever we would walk, both in the daylight and night. Sometimes they were so close that I could see into the depths of their deep, dark eyes. It was eery but mysteriously exciting. What is even more odd is that the last day I saw the owls, the hawks came back. The hawk, I would call one of my totem animals, always seems to send me a sign to breathe when I need to remember to. There were a family of hawks that lived in that same strip of land and once the owls appeared they disappeared. Now the baby hawks have returned, their feathers still fluffy with down and they are more naive than their parents, darting in and out of the trees and sitting proudly on street signs.

I spoke to my good friend and fellow mystic about the owls. She believes the owls must have been some sort of sign for me. I find that if an animal appears in your life the meaning does not necessarily translate to what we find in books or the internet. I try and think about what is going on in my life and what feeling the animal elicits in me, not what some guru says on her website. That being said, the owls were constant visitors all summer. They represented a reconnection to the mysterious, the belief in worlds beyond. The mother owl would look at me as I walked by while her two babies flew from branch to branch and my two babies crashed their bikes into each other and we silently agreed this parenting thing was not always easy.

I joke with Brian that the owls turned back into the hawks. He gave me his usual "you are weird" look. That is okay. I know the owls were meant to travel the summer with me and now that fall is approaching they are on to a new home for someone else to figure out what their presence means.

Love & Light,


A few flower photos in honor of my Papa's birthday and memory. He LOVED photographing flowers.

I love lone trees.

Happy 13th Birthday Creed Dog.

One of the babies that I photographed last month.

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