Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Stage Five Clinger

Do you recall the term "Stage Five Clinger" from the movie, The Wedding Crashers? It was used in reference to a girl that one of the guys was trying to escape from because she was overly clingy.  I remember the quote, "I think what we've got ourselves here is a stage five clinger." And I am pretty sure that is what the poor woman on teacher patrol radioed to the guidance counselor this morning as the counselor quickly bolted through the door and they both pried a sobbing, screaming kindergarten clinger from my leg. There were probably a hundred people behind me in carpool (an embellishment, but it felt that way). Thank GOD, last minute I changed out of my puppy dog pajama pants, just in case I had to get out. I made it to my car before I broke down in tears and almost side swiped the car next to me. This just sucks, there is no better way to say how I am feeling.

So I write this because I know a few of my girlfriends are going through this painful morning meltdown with their children. And instead of supporting each other we just smile and say, "He loves school." Then one of us tells the truth, and we all spill about how bad it...just...sucks. Hang in there ladies. I regularly call my sister who, as a teacher, not only has stage five clingers in her class but has gone through it with her sons. "It gets better," she says. It always does...It always does.

Love & Light,


Nolan's First Day of Nursery School.

Why does it seem easier with the second child?

Nolan and his BFF, Lilah-Grace.

He is crazy. He LOVES the camera.


  1. lovelovelove.... lets just start our own school. it'll start at 10, you wear your pjs, we'll all take naps...you in?

  2. Hang in there Stacy! It is a HUGE transition.... and it WILL be better with Nolan!!! :-)

  3. No tears today! He's much more himself and I feel like I can now exhale again. It will get better. IT WILL GET BETTER. My neighbor says we have to give it 6 weeks (WTF?! I will die...) but after that she says it will be routine and this will all be a distant memory. Oh - I'm SO in for Whitney's school. Hang in there. love love love.