Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Show About Nothing

Brian took Cole to school today. It was his turn to have his heart ripped out in the car pool lane. Here was our follow up text messages.

Me: How did drop off go? Is Cole okay?

Brian: Easy. Cole high-fived me and jumped out of the car.

Me: Of course he did. He only likes to break his mother's heart.

Brian: A bit dramatic?

Me: It's always harder for us moms.

Brian: That's what she said. LOL.

Me: I totally set you up for that one.

I swear some days our lives are straight out of Seinfeld reruns. A show about nothing, yet the little absurdities keep you coming back for more.

Love & Light,


I did not take a photo today! But here is one of my favorite photos from about 10 years ago. Big Sur, California. One of my favorite places to visit. The photo always makes me smile.


  1. Stacy!!! Love that spot along Big Sur- Sarah and I hung there for hours and houes last summer

    As far as your story about Cole going to kindergarden... Talk about cute! Your little buddy going off to school. I'll admit it got a little dusty in the room reading all the details. You're too sweet with the rock... but the high-five was classic

    Hope you guys are well- Move to Boston already

    Love ya!

  2. "That's what she said!" I LOVE YOU, BRIAN!! I'm so glad it went better today. I'm thinking of all of you. xoxox