Monday, August 8, 2011

School Shopping

Cole and I went school shopping today with his kindergarten supply list tucked in his pocket. Our first stop was his school store to buy primer pencils and a sketch journal. We toured the kindergarten hall with it's shiny checkered floor and peeked in classrooms, the library and auditorium. I tried to envision what it will be like for him, such a small kid in such a big place. He seemed unfazed, like he will fit in perfectly. I was more nervous than him. Next Toys R Us, where Cole picked out this Lego Ninja backpack he has been eyeing for weeks and of course kindergarten would not be complete without a Captain Rex lunch box and Transformer thermos. The last stop, Walmart, (yuk, I know but you cannot beat 40 cents for a box of crayons), for all the necessities like glue sticks, markers, scissors, paper and folders. We checked off everything on our list and headed to the checkout.

I held Cole's hand into each of the stores on our shopping date. I figured this would probably be the last time he would let me hold his hand while school shopping. Next year he may be too concerned with running into friends and being spotted holding his mom's hand would surely knock him off the cool list.  I remember school shopping with my mom. Living in a small town we had to travel about an hour to Rochester to buy our supplies. My mom would take my sister and I to buy everything from folders to shoes. We would have lunch and buy a late day double chocolate cookie from the mall as a snack. Shopping is harder work than men believe. I don't remember what items I bought, but I remember what a fun day that was spent with my mom and sister.

Cole said on the way home today, "this was the best day". Yes it was, I thought. It is the beginning of many best days ahead.

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,


Cole spraying me as I stand behind the door.

Lewis Ginter.

Glass flowers.

Just love this.

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