Monday, August 29, 2011


We were without power for 55 hours and 23 minutes which in toddler time translates to a year and a half. I have NEVER been so grateful for electricity as I am right now. I always assumed that when the power went out it meant it was time to slow down, turn off the television and just be quiet for awhile. That was nice for the first 2 hours after that it is like the snow in New York, the first snowfall is beautiful, a blanket of white solitude, but the next 6 months of it is hell. I am so happy that I am practically giddy running through the house turning on and off all the lights, running the dishwasher, showering, doing a few hundred loads of laundry. Thank you Dominion Virginia Power!

However... the REALLY cool thing that happened yesterday is we traveled to Baltimore to Camden Yards to watch the Yankees play the Orioles. We were ten rows back. I SWEAR Jeter winked at me. He is single now you know. I took so many photos of Jeter that I was waiting for security to take me underground for questioning. But let's just say I could not help myself. Yes, Jeter is right up there with Brad Pitt. Hot! So my fellow Jeter lovers, I leave you with these beautiful images, try not to drool on yourself.

Love & Light,


Oh yes ladies. I got a Jeter butt shot!

A Rod... Cole screamed "Smack it to the moon A ROD..." when he bats.

He winked at me!

Nolan slept through 7 innings!

The view. The day was PERFECT...

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