Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flipping Switches

I wonder if by August most mothers are starting to lose patience with their kids or if it is just me. Between the suffocating heat of the outdoors and the temper tantrums heating up the indoors, my sense of balance and the willpower to be patient has worn thin. I notice that both my boys cycle in and out of rotten moods. Brian would smile and say "this sounds familiar" referring to me, but my moods are hormonal. The boys cannot use that excuse. I know objectively that they are each transitioning through new phases. Nolan, now 3 years old, craves independence but often needs assistance to do things. He also is in COMPLETE refusal to even begin potty training which makes me frustrated any time I bring the $30 potty that he picked out (that sings and flushes when you pee) he screams like he is being tortured. The books say to back off the potty training if he is having this reaction, but he is 3 now and diapers are about 25 cents a piece.  Cole is going through a phase where he is testing me. He challenges my orders, he gives me a hard time about little things. He has started to say things like "I hate you," which I know he does not mean but at the same time he knows it bothers me. And then half an hour later a switch flips and he can be sweet and loving. I wish I had that switch I could flip to be sweet and loving when I want to run screaming far, far away.

I read this quote today. "There are times in the lives of most of us when we would have given all the world to be as we were but yesterday, though that yesterday had passed over us unappreciated and unenjoyed." ~W.E.Lecky

So today I am working on appreciating and enjoying the ordinary day. Despite the boys behavior melt downs, Cole is taking a bubble bath playing with Star Wars guys and Nolan has an entire baseball field of guys set up and is acting out a game. There is no television, no wii, no noise except Creed dog's occasional yelp from a dream he is having while asleep on his pillow. And to think I would have missed this segment of time if I did not stop to notice it, to flip off my switch of irritability and switch on my gratitude.

Love & Light,


Nolan visits with Elena.


I may be in the minority of adults who will admit this, but I LOVE Chuck E Cheese!

The lights, the games, the sounds and the tickets. It is like an indoor carnival to the senses!

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  1. Hi Stacy, Loved reading Flipping Switches, Sounds exactly like my house!!!! Good Luck with the potty training. I was lucky with my girls they both did good.Lyla was more difficult than Mya and I thought it would come easy to her since she wants to do everything her big sister does!!!! Take Care I enjoy reading your site and looking at your pictures!!!It is amazing!!!!