Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer with the Cousins

The boys and I took a road trip this week to visit my sister and her three boys in North Carolina. Her husband was traveling so it was just she and I and a house full of boys. I took Cole, Jaxon and Tye to the movies. We had the theatre to ourselves. We were loud and ate WAY too many sour patch kids. They made me laugh. This is how I hope they remember summer. Movies, baseball in the street, football in worn out grass, video games and pillow fights, staying up WAY past our bedtime, drinking soda instead of milk, ice cream for dinner, car races and hide and seek. Now that is what summer is all about.

Love & Light,


Jam session.

Making ice cream with Aunt Annie. It is an ice cream ball. You put the mix in the ball and roll it around to each other for about 20 minutes. We all made up names to call each other and then rolled the ball to that name. I was "Toilet Seat", Annie was "Smurfette", Tye was "Pooper Scooper", Jaxon "Snickerdoodle", Cole was "Joke", Nolan was "Stinky Diaper", Mom was "Toe Nails",  Drew was "What's up dog". Yes, more fun than drinking games!

Marshmallow ice cream.

I just love these series of photos.

Jaxon swimming.

Tye swimming below. I told Brian, we should not have paid $150 for swim lessons for Cole. Instead just spend the day in the pool with his cousins and he is a fish.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! I loved the pics!