Friday, July 29, 2011

Heat Advisory

The weatherman is standing in front of a red map of the country. The words "SIZZLE" and "HOT" are blinking throughout the Southeast. The man says not to go outside if you can avoid it. It is only 9 am and my boys have already ransacked the house. Staying inside may be more painful than braving 105 degree heat. Brian and I moved to the South to escape the New York winters. The years we spent growing up and in undergrad college battling months of snow and overcast skies before a too long arrival of Spring had us setting our sites on warmer climate, sunnier days.

This is my 13th summer in Richmond and I can only compare the summer here to the winters of New York. Instead of intense cold, it is the heat. Instead of the ice storms and overcast skies, it is the beating sun and the humidity. People seem to be slightly more agitated. The hum of air conditioners has become white noise to the city. I feel trapped inside as it takes more energy than I care to invest to slather layers of sunscreen on the three of us for a 30 minute romp in the park. The boys little cheeks turn pink within minutes and my mascara has melted down to my chin. We have been devoured by mosquitoes and are all a bit grouchy.

So Mr. Weatherman, I will take your advice and stay inside today. Maybe I will use it as an excuse to write or read (or watch Oprah). I will let the boys pull out every toy and make jumping pits out of pillows. So the only melt downs we will have will be inside today, but I will have to unleash the beasts to the outdoors at some point. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler by then.

Love & Light,


They ate an entire bag of popcorn with chopsticks! Nolan loved it!

Our sunflowers. I love how they shift toward the sun.

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  1. Yes - winters in the North are like summers in the South, except you don't have to shovel it..