Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodnight My 2 Year Old...

For as long as I can remember on the night before my birthday, my mom would say a final goodnight and goodbye to whatever age I was leaving. "Goodnight and goodbye my 8 year old, when you wake up in the morning you will be 9." She would call in college, "Goodnight and goodbye my 19 year old, when I call you tomorrow, you will be 20." And yes, she still calls me even in my thirties to say a last goodnight and goodbye to that age, that year, that time. It is a tradition I passed on to my boys.

So tonight, I walked in Nolan's room. He is laying with both hands behind his head on a Star Wars birthday card that Cole let him open early, and right next to him a police car with guys. I touch his baby soft face and I bend down to kiss his cheek, "Goodnight and goodbye my 2 year old," I whisper. "Tomorrow you will be 3." And just like that, he will wake up to be 3 years old. Almost magical if you think about it.

Love & Light,


The last photo of my 2 year old.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Nolan!!!!! Stacy - what great words, it & the pictures brought tears to my eyes. I've said it before, but both Cole & Nolan are so lucky to have you as their mom, hero & guide through this life!

  2. I love the headline on the card. Yoda saying "Fulfill your destiny, you must." Poetic.

  3. Stacy, your pictures and stories are amazing!! The last pictures of your two year old made me cry, I love how you are capturing all the amazing moments of your life!! You and Brian are doing a great job with your boys, keep up the great work-I'll be enjoying it through your pictures.

  4. Tara you are so sweet. I saw a picture a few weeks ago of you and I standing next to each other, it was my first day of kindergarten and you were going into first grade. We were waiting at the bus stop. It is hard to believe we are moms now! Sending you love.... Stacy