Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whatcha Waiting For?

I found a fairy sticker that I was given when I was about 10 or 11 years old in my jewelry box underneath old love notes and random high school photographs. The fairy glistens and when you move her ever so slightly her wings flutter as though she was flying seamlessly through the air. I remember thinking that was the coolest sticker I had ever seen and my plan back then was to save the sticker for something special. Maybe I would put it on my favorite school subject folder, or stick it to the braided mirror on my little white vanity table, or send it with a letter to a special friend. Instead in my fear of not finding the perfect spot to place the sticker, the fairy found it's way into a box, forgotten for decades.

I have a tendency to do this with items I covet. Dresses I rarely wear because I was saving them for the "right" occassion, shoes that stay in their boxes a little too long for fear of getting dirty and a pile of greeting cards that I thought unique or meaningful and bought with the intention of mailing to someone for the perfect occasion.

I am fully aware of my "save for the perfect moment" tendencies. I have been working hard at letting this go. There is no perfect moment, there is now. So when Cole rips open a package of Star Wars stickers and wants to stick them randomly on blank pages, windows and his brother's forehead, I stop myself from questioning him whether he is making the appropriate choices in where to put the stickers. I fight back the urge to say, "Why don't you save that for...". When the  boys get new sneakers and want to wear them out of the store jumping in a few puddles on the way out, I bite my tongue. I want them to enjoy these little things now, not pull them out of a box years later wondering why they never used it.

After finding the fairy I put her on the bulletin board next to my desk. When I see her glittery wings, it reminds me to enjoy the now. Send the greeting card, wear the dress or the sexy shoes with a pair of jeans, don't wait for that wedding next summer. Now is always the perfect moment.

Love & Light,


Cole likes to journal "write" while I am writing (above). What is on my lap (below), my journal, a writing book and my camera.

Cole was installing an air conditioner in his club house. It was pretty funny.

Our good buddy Miles and Nolan eat popcorn at break time from Cole's construction.

Cole has baseball camp this week. It is AWESOME! He is on second base.

This is what Nolan does while Cole is at camp. Got to LOVE summer time!

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