Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's For Dinner?

That question makes me want to hide in the closet. I have tried for years to find some joy in cooking and baking, but what I feel is one cup lack of patience and 3 tbsp endless frustration with a pinch of anger. On those occasions I feel adventurous in my cooking, the boys complain as they only have about  four dinners they will eat and anything out of the realm of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or frozen chicken nuggets causes complete anarchy at the dinner table.

Ordinarily I give myself permission to surrender and accept that it is okay that I don't enjoy cooking. After all, there are other things I do well and emulating Rachel Ray is not one of them. However, because I make dinner for the boys because they eat so early, I want to give them more than plastic bowls of microwaved pasta. Does this mean that I am going to have to learn to enjoy cooking? Do you have to enjoy something to do it well? I don't know. But I know I love my kids so maybe that will motivate me to put forth a little more effort in my dinner preparation. I think I will start working on that.

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,


I made tacos for Brian and I from a dinner kit. They were not so tasty.

The boy's dinner (above) and the dog's dinner (below). That is three dinners a day.

I just love this photo above. Cole found these stickers and he put them on Nolan and they just laughed hysterically.


  1. You made us laugh Stacy. I have the same problem with dinner decisions and Steve & I just had a discussion about dinner tonight ? ! ?
    I like to cook but nothing is appealing these days. Too many years of dinner decisions. Good Luck ! Paula & Steve
    PS Great photos as always !

  2. Thanks so much Paula. It is good to hear other people struggle with the dinner dilemma. Although you and your family are all amazing cooks. Amy still sends delicious cookies for Brian's birthday and her tuna noodle salad is one of our favorites! Have a great holiday weekend. We miss you all! Hugs to Amy and that belly of hers! Love, Stacy