Monday, June 20, 2011

Tantrum Bowling

There are days when being a mother is amazing, it nourishes my spirit, it validates that this path I am on with the boys is just as it should be. Then there are days that I storm out of a bowling alley at 10 am with a 5 year old on one shoulder and a 2 year old on the other as they scream and kick as obnoxiously as they can. I barely get their back arching bottoms into their car seats before I crank the radio to the loudest song currently on one of the five preset stations I have to choose from. Mississippi Queen blares ridiculously loud as the boys screams for toys and more quarters for the video arcade are drowned out with the blaring base. I start to get teary and think, this sucks. This is not my life right now.

I get them home and they both go to their rooms (with assistance). I lock myself in the bathroom turn the vent on and call my sister. She laughs and proceeds to tell me how she took her three boys and a friend to putt-putt last week only to drag them all out of there because her boys were not behaving, with an added bonus of pulling the car over making her oldest son get out with a warning he would not be getting back in next time she has to speak to him. I breath a sigh of relief, I even laugh a little bit.

I know it happens to all of us. It does not make it easier in the moment but it helps ease the feeling of insanity that surrounds a mother in the midst of her tempering children knowing it is part of the job. Unfortunately all jobs at some point test our sanity, our strength to continue or our ability to keep it together. Today was just one of those days for me. And I think I passed. The boys are playing in Cole's room (okay they are watching television but it is quiet) and dinner is going to be ready soon. The bowling alley scene is fading and life goes on.

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Love & Light,


Our nightly visitor, the bunny.

This is what Brian did on Father's Day. He built a shed. Damn I love this guy!!

How can someone so cute be so stubborn?

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