Monday, June 6, 2011

Silent Wisdom

Nolan and I took Creed dog for a walk early this evening. Nolan pointed up to the tree and said, "Look, an owl Mama". I started to tell him it was a hawk when I looked up at the tree and it WAS an owl. I have never seen an owl during the daylight hours. I quickly ran Nolan and Creed home, grabbed Cole and my camera and returned to take some shots. She was still there. It was rumored by all the other awe struck neighbors that her two babies lived in an old tree that was supposed to be taken down by the County but once the workers saw the owl babies they left the tree. They said it was bad luck to mess with the Owls!

So you know, being the slight mystic I am, I had to grab my Animal Speak book and read what owl means. Owl symbolizes silent wisdom, vision and guidance. Here is what Ted Andrews writes, "Owls fly silently. The front edges of their wings and feathers have a fringe which quiets their flight, facilitating their silent hunt. Thus, when Owl shows up, it is time to turn to our endeavors with silence. An old adage tells of how there is strength in silence. Never is this more significant than when the owl appears. And when the opportunity presents itself, we must aggressively and quietly go after it."

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,


These photos just feel like summer to me.

I took these with my telephoto lens, but at a really high ISO because the sun had just set. So the photos are a bit grainy. This was as close as I could get with the lens I had.

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