Thursday, June 23, 2011

P90X Strong

Today is day 10 of my 90 day P90X workout. One of my resolutions on my happiness project for the month of June is to exercise better. I needed to slip on out of my 6 month slump of half ass workouts and on again, off again running routines. My hope is that expending the initial energy in the workouts will result in getting more of that 5-year-old energy back. My girlfriend Karen has been my support to motivate me to do this program. I text her to complain. She gets up at 3:30 in the MORNING to do this workout, EVERYDAY. Her self discipline motivates me to pop in the DVD at Nolan's nap time instead of doing dishes or reading Harry Potter for an hour.

Here is what I am learning as I waddle my achy body around the house. It feels good to get strong. There is always societal pressure for women to be thin but to be strong is undervalued. In just 10 days I can see muscles in my arms and I feel more grounded in my stance. Most importantly I have empowered my sense of self, my determination to become stronger and more energetic, a challenge to push beyond my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, I still curse Tony (the instructor) as I attempt a standing split or when he shouts for 10 more leg lifts, I either threaten his life or just pass out on the ground. When I want to complain I think of Karen and other determined women with their sheer discipline to get up out of bed when the world is asleep to keep their bodies, their minds, strong.

I thought about including a photo of my newly found abdominal muscle but I could not find it after dinner.

Love & Light,


I dug out some old photos. It reminded me of how beautiful Italy was. It almost seemed like another lifetime I was there.

If we didn't  have photos, I would never remember that moment. That quick second of time.

Creed dog, a few years ago.

Cole, born a baseball fanatic.

One of my favorite Nolan shots.

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