Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Children's Father

This is the first picture I have of Brian holding Cole the day he was born. I know him well enough to know he was terrified that day. Not only did I have unending hours of labor that resulted in a c-section, in which he witnessed Cole rise bright eyed out of my abdomen, (he looked only because the doctor persuaded him to, she had not seen a baby born via c-section popping out with his eyes wide open) but he was going to be a dad.

I am sure that day and the weeks and months following he questioned his credentials to have such a big job and how they possibly could send us home with this, this tiny, squeaking thing. And the pressures that followed of providing sole financial support,  changing diapers and giving encouragement to a hormonal wife who's life had also been totally altered. But he did it and I am sure he only has vague memories of sleepless nights, messy diaper changes and arguments over whose turn it was to rock the baby back to sleep.

Today I am sure his pressures are the same but different. Still providing financially for his family, he works at balancing work and time with the kids. Pressures to make sure we make the right decisions from discipline to education and knowing in the back of his head that the boys idolize him, therefore he sets an example for them, everyday.

Brian and Cole

   And then came sweet cheeks, Nolan

I see Brian in my kid's faces and I hear his laughter in their giggles. To them, he is their superhero. And to me, he is my partner in crime, my best friend. Happy Father's Day Brian.


  1. A wonderful tribute to a great Dad with a beautiful, thoughtful wife.
    Keep up the good work ! Love, Paula

  2. Sooo beautiful! I have beautiful happy tears running down my face... :)

  3. have done such an awesome job with this! The entire site, including your thoughts....I will be sure to make this one of my favorites and visit often. I miss you!!!