Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ladies Night

I had drinks with a girlfriend this weekend. She admitted she was a little nervous because we were accustomed to play dates with our kids, never time alone by ourselves. What would we talk about? Would we have awkward silences without pushing swings, chasing kids or holding tantruming toddlers? Oddly enough no silence surfaced, not that we would have minded, silence is such a foreign term to us right now. Once the shock wore off that we could maintain eye contact while talking for longer than a few seconds without doing a headcount to make sure we haven't lost our kids, we chatted like teenage girls who snuck out of the house just to prove they could.

I concluded, as I have before, this needs to happen more. I sound like a broken record or rather an ipod on repeat when I say to my girl pals, "we have to do this again, we have to do this more often". Then weeks become months and in some cases, months become years. I have also concluded that true friends realize this. They also have their crazy lives and sometimes getting dolled up to go out at 8 pm when you are exhausted and your sweatpants are SO comfy, it takes willpower that I sometimes just cannot conjure up. is essential. We need time with other women, time to talk about all the innappropriate things that make our husbands squirm, time to vent, to laugh, to reminisce, and to have a drink and chill.

I am making a promise to myself to make more of these dates. There is only now. There is no waiting for when the kids are older or when I am not so tired. Girlfriends feed your soul, and my soul is always hungry.

Here are some photos from this weekend.

Love & Light,


We pulled out all the tile in our kitchen this weekend and are laying new floor. It was a workout. More for Brian than me.

Brian built a ladder on the back of the shed so the boys can have a rooftop hideout. They think it is the coolest thing ever. I keep a watchful eye... But lunch eaten on top of a shed is very tasty.

Nolan and Daddy finish the shed.

Nolan rides a two-wheeler now. He looks like a big boy on that bike. Especially when he crouches down and pedals so fast (with a helmet of course).

My daily quote. I like this one. What makes you come alive?

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  1. Stacy, I love baseball, and your photos and story bring back why. Thanks so much.