Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sore Subject

I took a yoga class last night. Let me preface this story with letting you know I  have been taking yoga classes on and off for over 15 years. I am trained to teach Integral Hatha Yoga. So when signing up for a HEATED vinyasa class, I was not intimidated. Have you ever signed up for something only to have sat down and realized, holy crap, I am in WAY over my head! Maybe it was that it was over 100 degrees in that room and I did not bring a towel, or that I started sweating so badly I felt like my body was melting off onto the bamboo floors, or that the young twenty something instructor started out with advanced asanas transitioning into positions I had only seen photos of in magazines. Two teenage boys in front were sweating less than me, the chick to the left wrapped her legs around her head. The intimidation began to seep in as the sweat poured out. But because I believe that NOTHING happens without a reason behind it or a lesson to learn from, I asked myself why I was here.

My yoga practice has become, well, safe. If I practice twice a week it is good. A few sun salutations, warrior poses, maybe a shoulder stand or two. But I don't push myself. It is an easy practice.  I think that taking this class posed some questions for me. What is the difference between easy and lazy? If my body is to be and stay strong don't I need to push it beyond it's comfort zone? And viewing my yoga practice through only one style of yoga is limiting no matter how much one wants to believe that "my way is the right way".

So as I waddle my sore (but good sore) body through my day, taking two Advil every 6 hours, I think about these questions. It's easy to get stuck in the grooves of the mind that have been engrained for decades as to what works for us. It may be something we have always done, something we were raised to believe, something society pressures us to follow. Charting a new course or creating a new path is never easy. However, I think it is necessary to help us grow or to help us connect with that inner creative self. Or to possibly learn to wrap our legs around our head.

Love & Light,


My great friends Tara and Will celebrate their son's, Cole, 3d birthday. I LOVE watching the Mom as they sing happy birthday to the child. It feels as though it is as big of a celebration for her, a milestone as your baby grows. 


Brian built this contraption below, thanks to friends of ours who did the same and gave us the idea. I am sure the neighbors are shaking their heads.

He had a home run in the last game (above) and (below) by the last inning the focus starts to fade...

Cole playing ball. I LOVE to watch him.


  1. your writing inspires me and makes me want to try so much harder. you are so good at what you do. thanks. xxoo

  2. imagine me trying to do basic yoga with my 8 month old baby belly:)