Thursday, June 30, 2011

48 Hours of Freedom

My in-laws took my boys to Lake Anna for two days. I had 48 hours of no children. To selfishly say I had been looking forward to this is an understatement. The boys adore their grandparents which made my alone time that much more enjoyable. My initial plan was to fill my two days with running errands and playing catch up on neglected household duties. However, remembering the gift card I had for a facial, I took the initiative to book an appointment. And how could I have a new youthful face with gray hair spilling out of my head? So naturally a hair coloring appointment was a must.

Even better than being pampered and polished was the complete freedom to do whatever I wanted on my own timetable. I took long walks by my lonesome, I browsed through knick-knacky shops, took hot bubble baths and watched back to back episodes of Law & Order while eating malt balls and drinking Corona. I had no one to report to, no responsibility to anyone. Brian and I held conversations without interruption or piercing screams and we went out for dinner (two nights in a row) without having to race through the meal to avoid melt downs or apologize to the waiter for the mess we left at the table.

We will get the boys tomorrow and I am excited to see their sweet little faces and to be smothered in bear hugs and body checks. The 48 hours of freedom was energizing and filled my solitude tank up for awhile. I am so grateful to my in-laws for giving us this gift.

Here is a photo of the "new"me.

Love & Light,



  1. Lots of the days you describe are coming for you both in the distant future - +/-15 years away.
    We are well past them now - and I try to remember what life was like when our son was youg like yours. Sweet memories but I wish I could remember more clearly.
    I'm glad those days are over, but I still sometimes miss the innocence and excitment we used to share with our son.
    No matter where I am - I see the future as something I wish we had now.

  2. Thanks Uncle Chris. I have to admit I would have loved another few days off! And yes it is true, the future is something that we always wish we had now. It makes me happy to see you and Jane do all the traveling and go on all the adventures you do. This reassures there will be quiet, relaxing vacations ahead. For now, I suppose the life lesson is to surrender to the chaos and enjoy the present. I miss you guys this weekend. My heart is with you all. Hugs to everyone! Love, Stacy