Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Graduate

It has been raining more than usual this week. Thunderstorms in the middle of the day. Then, as quickly as the storm rolls in, it is gone and the sun reappears. This has been symbolic of my mood. The most monumental event that happened on Tuesday night was Cole's graduation from preschool. He got all dressed up in a shirt and tie, little brown loafers and used Brian's hair gel to create a special hairdo. Nolan also in his shirt and tie, little brown loafers, dipped his whole hand in the hair gel. His hair looked extra special. I surprisingly did okay. I took photos and smiled and waved as Cole accepted his diploma on the big stage with the bright red carpet. We all ate too many cookies at the reception following the ceremony and went home.

Today, however, was the last day of preschool. It will be the last time he will see many of these kids he has known for years, as most of them are all going to different schools. The kids do not get this or at least Cole doesn't. It is the mothers who sit teary eyed watching their babies play and laugh with their friends. They aren't the babies we brought here years ago.

I had to run up to the classroom to look for something after everyone had gone. I walked into the dark room, with the little chairs and tables, the hints of glitter in the rug, the Dr. Seuss books neatly placed in the bookcase, and that smell of nursery school that seems to be engrained in my senses from years gone by. It was quiet. So quiet.

Love & Light,


The graduates


The diploma

The graduate

Nolan and Daddy watching the show from the balcony

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  1. GREAT pictures!! You got all of those from the balcony?!?! awesome!