Friday, May 13, 2011

Note to Self...

I have been compiling a list of notes to myself. Mostly because I have too many thoughts crammed inside my brain and if I do not write them down they become lost in my head, spin madly around until I spit them out or they disappear like the majority of our socks, and spoons (for some inexplicable reason). What would be SO great is if I could go back in time and give my 19 year old self these notes. I would appear to my younger self in a dream, hand me the list and say if I was to follow it, life would be easy and carefree. Of course, my 19 year old self would probably read the list and then lose it somewhere between her cluttered dorm room and a roadside gas station. I suppose we cannot learn life lessons through cheat sheets and wise guru advice. We have to figure it out for ourselves. Just as well, but if my 70 year old self drops by with notes to easy street, I am paying attention.

Here are a few notes I wrote to myself today.

(1) Do not joke about bears with a 2 year old, unless you are prepared to have a few sleepless nights. (2) Leave early for EVERYTHING. It really reduces the unnecessary stress of running late. (3) If you miss your turn while driving, u-turn as soon as possible. Do not try and take an alternate route unless you have a vague idea of where you are going. (4) Taking children to Target between the hours of 4-7 pm is a bad idea. It will cost you too much money to buy cheap plastic items and cavity inducing candy to keep them (or you) from melting down.

Here are some photos from an adorable family I photographed yesterday. There is something about sisters I love...

Love & Light,


Olivia & Harper

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  1. Stacy, you catch the essence of my children...I love what I see and can't wait to see the rest~