Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving on Up...

The past few days have been a little crazy. I am officially an LLC. A small business owner.

Liminal Moments Photography

I have my own big girl checking account and tax id number. I am sort of proud in a "pat yourself on the back" sort of way. I have always wanted to have a career that I loved. Something that I looked forward to doing. Something that inspires me, makes me think, encourages me to grow, makes me happy. This same week my girlfriend Whitney and I have launched our partnership business,

Little Birds School Photography.

You can check it out at  We have started this really fun, creative, natural light school photography business together. Whitney a very good friend (mother to Taegan, Lilah Grace and Macky who show up in my photos almost as often as Cole and Nolan), is also a talented photographer. She is the free spirit to my perfectionist personality. I ground her, she helps me to fly. It works.

Today was the Mother's Day Brunch at Cole's school. I hid again behind my camera fighting away the tears. He has two weeks left of preschool and then Kindergarten begins in the Fall. I cannot even begin to write about that right now. But I have some sweet photos below that speak volumes.

Love & Light,


The bulletin board with all the photos of the kids leaving for Kindergarten. I used to walk by it in years past and not really pay much attention. Now I cannot walk by it without a wave of emotion hitting me.

The kids danced for us.

Oh the places they will go.


  1. Congrats Stac! Thats awesome!

  2. I am so happy for you! This is so exciting:)

  3. Congratulations Stacy, how wonderful for you ! ENJOY !

  4. I remember the feeling of getting started with my own business so it's easy to share your joy. "Oh the people you'll meet". Good Luck!