Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boys and Body Checks

What is it about boys that running at you 100 miles per hour slamming into your legs is inherent? "Play time" at our house consists of wrestling, trying to bounce each other into the net on the trampoline and flying seat drops from the couch onto my abdomen. Then the random body checks. When I am making dinner or working on my computer, they just slam into me. There are no gentle hugs. They bear hug, or tackle hug or an occasional body check if I am lucky , just to let me know they care.

Speaking of body checks, I took a yoga class today. It has been a few months too long since I have last attended. I was thinking in class (while you weren't supposed to be thinking), how much tension we unknowingly hold in our bodies. There were times the teacher would tell me to drop my shoulders down and I did not even realize I had them up. Or to release the tension in my lower body and I did not even know it was strained until I brought awareness to that part of my body. Then I took a deep breath and let go of any muscle tension. Holy crap, I was carrying that with me for months? Often when I am stressed I don't even realize how I carry it in my body and taking this class to help me reconnect the mind and body was just what I needed for a random Wednesday morning. That and two 100 mile an hour body checks when I picked the boys up from school. Sweet.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Love & Light,


Cole's buddies, Berkley and Taegan.

Not great quality photos, it was dusk and I had to shoot at a super high ISO, but I still think the photos convey the fun they were having.

Harry and his little sis, Elsie. Snapped this quickly for my friend for Mother's Day.

Cole's new obsession (and  mine too), Go Go Crazy Bones. I will have to write a post on these little guys.

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