Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sitcom Scenario

There used to be a sitcom on television a few years ago called Yes Dear. The opening credits of the show revealed two families going to the beach. They have four kids between them and are toting beach toys, chairs, inflatable ducks, coolers, diaper bags, towels, etc. As they cross the street a bunch of college kids in a red convertible speeds by with blonde girls in string bikinis, guys hoisting six packs of beer as they pull into the parking lot, jump out and dash for the beach. The two families just stare at the college kids and the convertible, half in envy and half in disbelief, that used to be them. Every time we pack ourselves up to walk 100 feet to the beach I think of this scenario. Not that there are college age kids in convertibles here, it is mostly families also pulling their own u-hauls to the beach, but still the visual sticks.

If it were up to Brian we would bring a towel. Just one towel. For the four of us. He is a minimalist. I pack the tent, stroller, the towels, sunscreen, snacks, toys, buckets and shovels, camera and chairs. He mutters under his breath the whole block and a half walk and then again when he is carrying a large portion of the load up the two flights of steps. I know he is right to some degree, it is a bit ridiculous. But the minute the boys are thirsty or hungry or want to play football or dig a giant hole, he is glad we have what we need.

Once the kids have outgrown car seats and the need to be chauffeured, Brian and I are buying a two seater, FAST, sports car. Then we will carouse around the beach roads, me in my string bikini (smile) and Brian in his muscle t-shirt (still smiling) and just wave at all the families hauling a week's worth of stuff for two hours at the beach. We will remember being there and I bet we will probably miss it for a minute or two. Then we will shift that puppy into high gear and speed off into the sunset.

Here are some fun photos.

Love & Light,


Just a cool shot of the sand.

Bath time.

Creed dog was like a puppy again. He loved the beach.

My boys.

There are thousands of these outside our door. Cole wants to bring them home for his friends.

Our campsite...

Herons everywhere.

Our first attempt at a family shot.

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