Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pitching Tents

Cole and Brian are camping out tonight. Brian told Cole he would camp out if Cole could convince me to set up the tent. So after multiple minutes of begging I pulled the tent out of the closet as Brian sat and watched Cole and I set it up. Brian did this because he thinks it is hilarious to watch me read directions and attempt to put things together especially with the help of a 5 year old. I did not see the humor.

However as I was setting up the tent with the boys running circles to keep themselves from plowing in it before it was up, I recalled the tent I had growing up. My dad used to set up a green canvas tent that smelled musty from sitting in the basement all winter. I told Brian it always felt that it had a hundred poles and took hours for my dad to set up. But I remember like it was yesterday how excited my sister and I were when that tent went up. We dragged all of our pillows, blankets, dolls and Barbies out into that tent. There is something magical about a little hideout of your own. It transforms into a castle or an igloo, a doll house or a bat cave. I can still vividly recall that magical feeling thirty years later.

Here are some photos from today. I took some photos of a beautiful family with two sweet and fun girls. Below are just a few shots.

Love & Light,


Kate & Anna

And below an Oreo kind of day.

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