Monday, April 25, 2011

Mowing Along

I mowed the lawn this afternoon and as I was zigzagging the mower throughout the overgrown yard I realized that I mow a lot like how I think. Brian cannot stand to watch me mow and I am sure a few neighbors enjoy having a good laugh at my unique mowing techniques. I have no structure, I don't follow a particular pattern. Brian stopped asking me what I was doing and just surrendered to the fact that at least the grass was cut. (Even if it does require a gallon more of gas). However, the truth is I start out with the intention to go straight, turn, go straight back the other way but things distract me. Like I see a large dandelion half way across the yard and I push the mower over to get it, or I have to stop to pick up a golf ball or matchbox car imbedded in the grass and when I start the mower again I go a different direction.

Similar to my thought process, I often zig-zag in thought. Sometimes I start out with a specific thought and end up on a totally different story line. It drives Brian insane, and yes I probably burn WAY to much brain fuel, but I know in my head all the thoughts tie together in some random way. Just like mowing. If you look at the yard when the grass is all cut, it looks like one solid, clean slate of green. You don't see the individual zig zags or figure eight designs, they just blend into one. So the moral being, it is okay to color outside of the lines or to mow in whatever direction you feel compelled because it all looks the same in the end.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Love & Light,


The "Ladies" love Cole. 

Nolan's face when he saw his Easter basket.

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