Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lens of my Soul...

Some of the best photographs are in my head. It always happens that I see something that would make an amazing photo, I run for my camera tripping over anything and anyone in my way, grab the camera, adjust the settings and then... the moment is gone. So what I have decided to do is when I see that perfect photo and I know the chances of it staying right there for 30 seconds is slim to none, I don't race for my camera. Instead I take a mental photograph. I blink my eyes like the shutter and breathe the moment into the lens of my soul. I try and imprint it into my mind. So when I close my eyes at any time, I can still see it.

I have mental images of the beaches of Big Sur, of the first time I saw my son's faces, Brian at the end of the isle on our wedding day, and little things like my girlfriend's face laughing, or my grandmother's facial expressions as she reads a book. Today when we were leaving my sister's house, Drew and Nolan were holding hands just standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac. I knew I could not get to the camera fast enough so I just sat and watched them. They were talking to each other about the garbage truck down the street. I took a picture in my head to carry with me.

My boys are BLESSED to have cousins they love. Cousins who are really more like brothers and best friends rolled up in rugged baseball playing boy bodies. The photographs below are only attempts to capture the feeling of that bond they share. The real love is heard in their shrieks of laughter and felt in the tears as they wave goodbye to each other.

Here are some photos from this week.

Love & Light,



They played baseball for FOUR days STRAIGHT!

Jaxon's game.

 I LOVED these shots. Drew and his buddy Walker were helping to mow the lawn.

Take a ride in a police car...(Please let this be the only time these 3 boys are in the back of a cop car).

They took some time off from baseball to fly a plane...

Nolan checking my heart.

Drew Bear

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