Monday, April 11, 2011

Building Bridges

One of the things I love about my husband is his ability to build things. There is something appealing about a man with a pencil behind his ear and a drill in his hand. When we cleaned up the wooded area next to our house he said he was going to build a bridge. I envisioned throwing down an old board we have hidden behind the shed. Brian envisions grander projects. He bought four long boards and two hours later we have this arching bridge structure, that is well... quite wonderful. And Cole helped. The boys have been living out there on that bridge. Eating lunch, playing Star Wars, reading books. I am contemplating taking my yoga mat out in the morning before the world wakes up.

 shot two kitchens this weekend at homes that are BEYOND breathtaking!!  And I was so honored to meet the amazing women that reside in the homes. These are just a few of the photos. The beautiful work was done by Classic Kitchens of Virginia.



  1. I Love the bridge! I'll do yoga with you there!!!

  2. I love the bridge and photos. I can see myself in the kitchens you photographed while Steve is daydreaming on the bridge.