Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Family Affair

I was honored to take some photos of families at the Coordinators 2 Family Dinner. These are families whose lives have been touched by adoption in some way. The group of women who are the heart of Coordinators 2, are AMAZING women. I began working at Coordinators 2 out of graduate school in 2000 and I believe that they  laid the foundation for me to not only be a solid social worker but a better person. Despite my choice to no longer pursue this field, the underlying principles of how to be a strong woman and how to best provide for the needs of a child will always remain with me.  Some days I can still hear words that Becky (my supervisor and friend) would say to me. I keep them in a box in my head and pull them out when I need to be reminded. Their work is not easy, their days can be long but seeing some of these families at the dinner, smiling and laughing, it makes me SO proud to be able to capture it.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Love & Light,


This cute boy was a natural for the camera. He knew exactly how to pose and work the photoshoot.

How could you NOT love this face above?

I snapped this quickly of a father with his son. Melts my heart.

Becky and her daughter, Jasmine.

I loved photographing this little girl. She was shy about getting her photo taken but there was such honesty and innocence about her.

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