Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Wolf Excursion

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge for two nights joining Brian while he attended a conference. The boys and I had been looking forward to this trip. A nice break in a mid week routine. However, I had a few petty fears about our excursion and it wasn't the fear of the boys running wild staying up until midnight. It was getting into a bathing suit... in March. And  yes, my hair. One step into a humid environment and my hair takes a turn for the worse. My sister will attest. In fact, my nephews make up songs about my hair and Jaxon was going to be "Aunt Stacy" for Halloween when he tried on a crazy, brunette frizz wig. Nice.

But a funny thing happened mid way down the water slide, bathing suit and frizzy hair in toe. I started laughing. You know the kind of laughter that is straight from the gut? Cole was sitting between my legs and we were FLYING down this pitch dark slide and I was half screaming and half laughing but completely immersed in the moment. I realized when we were running up the FIVE flights of stairs (69 steps) for the fourth time that I did not really care about how I looked in my bathing suit or how out of control my hair was. I was having fun. I felt like I was 5 again.

So here are some things I learned from this 2 day vacation

5. ALL women are insecure in their bathing suits, no matter what type of body they have or time of year it is.

4. Even though it is vacation, sour patch kids and Sprite really don't make for a great dinner if you want the boys to sleep before midnight.

3. When BOTH boys nap for TWO hours at the same time in a QUIET hotel room and all I have to do is read a magazine.... WORTH THE WHOLE TRIP.

2. You are NEVER too old to sit on a plastic tube and shoot down a water hole a hundred miles an hour.

1. We are SO not ready for Disney.

Love & Light,


These photos are taken with my point and shoot. The quality is not as good as I had to use a flash. I was not brave enough to take my big camera anywhere close to water and splashing kids.

Nolan has my sweet tooth.

Kids in candy store equals overpriced lollipops and cavities.


In our spare time.

THE FUDGE!! I was happy to say I did not succumb to the dark side.

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