Monday, March 7, 2011

Strangers and Other Life Lessons...

Cole and I were raking the front yard when a strange car drove by. I took the opportunity to ask him what he would do if a stranger pulled in front of our house and asked if he would come help him fix his car. Cole looked at me and shrugged, "Sure. I'd help him." I wanted to cry. In part because I felt I did  not do a good enough job drilling in the STRANGER DANGER theme and in part because he was so adorable and willing to help someone if they need him. His sweetness eats me up.

So that started an entire conversation about strangers and how we NEVER go with anyone we don't know. I thought I had covered this topic but obviously not thoroughly enough. It will be an ongoing conversation for the next 20 years. There is such a fine line between informing your child about the danger of talking with someone you don't know and scaring the shit out of him. But I want him to get the point.

This is just a continuation of lessons that I am learning on my parenting journey. And to be honest, some of these lessons are tough. Questions I don't know answers too, things I need to teach that I question myself how to do the right way and decisions and choices, that are constantly thrown upon a mother to make for her kids. I just trust that everything unfolds as it should and that if my intention is always in the best interest of my kids, it will all be okay.

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from the past few days.

These are photos of the cake pops my friend Cathy Heleniak made. As soon as her website is up I will post it.  Let's just say these tasted even better than they looked.

Cole and Taegan made their own lunch. VERY nutritious. All food groups are represented here.

Nolan and his BFF Lilah-Grace at the Children's Museum. These two are INSEPARABLE!!


  1. cute cute cute!! tae told me about that lunch! nice.

  2. thank you for posting the pops!!!