Sunday, March 27, 2011


Brian and I thought for sure we were on that show with Ashton Kutcher where people have all these things go wrong or happen to them and then Ashton jumps out and says, "You've been PUNKED." Today the boys were H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Temper tantrums, fighting, crying, defiant, grouchy, brats! It started from the minute they woke up demanding breakfast and juice until they finally fell asleep demanding potato chips and soda. There were points during the day when they were fighting over a 2 year old McDonald's toy, screaming and crying that Brian and I just looked at each other and debated on running out the door. Running far, far away. To a place that is quiet, serene, peaceful. Atlas, we could not go. And I kept checking behind closet doors, but there was no Ashton Kutcher ANYWHERE. However, the night ended well with these two exciting things...

1. VCU Basketball!! Ye-haw! I felt like I was watching the movie Hoosiers. I was jumping on the couch. I scared the boys by yelling so loud! I told myself when I knew they were going to play Kansas that I would not send ANY negative energy. I would not even say out loud that it was going to be a tough game. I just knew they would win!! And they did. Why could I not use this energy when picking teams for my bracket?

2. Brian and I were asked tonight to be GODPARENTS!! This is the first time we have been asked to be Godparents and it is to a GIRL! Miss Elsie Baker. The sweet little girl who so many of my friends and family have been sending love the first few months of her life! I feel beyond honored. That people who love their child that MUCH, chose us to stand by their daughter in this role. I am moved beyond words. I was hoping Ashton Kutcher was not going to jump out THEN and say we were punked! Thank you Mike & Melanie for this honor!

Love & Light,


Harry and Cole. Star Wars JUNKIES...

Elsie... My soon to be GOD DAUGHTER!!


  1. Stacy....being a God Parent is the BEST!! I am lucky and honored to have two very special God Daughters who mean the world to me!! I know exactly how you feel, when Pam asked me to be Lyla's God Mother.. I just melted then to be asked again a few months later for my niece words can describe the honor you feel...

  2. You would be the best Godmother! And I am jealous you get to see Joselyn too! Almost as jealous as when I saw that photo of you with Keith Urban! Hope all is well! Sending hugs!